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Meet Our Staff


Sarah Sarah : Office Manager & Veterinary Technician

Sarah has many years of experience in the veterinary field working as a technician.  She has worked in routine veterinary practices as well as emergency clinics.   Chances are that if you call with technical questions and I'm unavailable you have talked to her.  She shares in hospital management duties in addition to her technician responsibilities.  The best things in life are furry.

Carol Carol : Veterinary Technician

Carol joined our team in early 2017 and has 10 years’ experience in the animal care field, 5 of which were at other animal hospitals in Maryland and Virginia.   She is often found off the beaten path investigating landmarks, parks and beaches.  She can’t imagine doing anything else and is looking forward to getting to know our clients and their pets as well as her hospital family.

Sheila Sheila : Veterinary Receptionist

Sheila is our most senior employee.
  Although she only works part time for us in addition to her full time obligations she manages to foster numerous animals.  If you have adopted a cat from us, odds are it came from her.

Tiffany Tiffany : Veterinary Receptionist

Tiffany studied Criminal Justice for 2 years to become a crime scene investigator, changed her career direction to focus on improving and helping people and their pets. She has worked previously as a Veterinary Technician down in Southern Maryland for 1 year. She enjoys the client aspect of the veterinary field and is now our full time receptionist!!!

Stephanie Stephanie : Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie has been working with animals for the last five years. In her spare time she enjoys painting and going on nature walks.  Her favorite holiday is Halloween.

Shelby Shelby : Veterinary Assistant

Shelby joined our team in 2016 and is currently attending college where she is majoring in Zoology.  She is into photography and has 2 pets, a hedgehog and a bunny. She is pursuing a career in wildlife veterinary medicine. 

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