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Adult Wellness Plans

Maintenance Plan for All Ages
Premium Plan

This is our premium plan, providing the most comprehensive care and discounts.

Discount:                                  Services Discounted

100% &&&& Vaccinations deemed appropriate by the veterinarian for the first year, usually 3 sets         

                                       are given at designated intervals, including: Distemper/parvo/lepto(4 sera types) Bordetella,
Lyme Vaccine,   Influenza Vaccine,  and Rabies Vaccination

50% &               All Medical Services, Emergencies, Radiology, Outpatient Services, Medications                                  

                             Administered, Anesthesia, Surgery, Dentistry, Hospitalization

50%                     Lab Fees       

100%                        SPAY or NEUTER SURGICAL FEE and pre-op blood work (Routine) (<7 months old)

Includes: pre-operative blood work, pre-operative medications, anesthesia, hospitalization, antibiotic injection, and surgery.  ALL SURGICAL OPTIONS INCLUDED, POST OP MEDS INCLUDED, PROVIDING THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE!

35% &&&&&& Grooming, Boarding   

50% &&&&&& Medications, Pharmacy Items and OTC items

INCLUDED&&&&& Heartworm and Flea Prevention, We provide a years supply of Sentinel and Frontline (patient specific) 

20%   &&&&&& Prescription Foods

Included Services     

FREE MICROCHIP                                                                                                                                                       


 ONE FREE SEMI-ANNUAL WELLNESS EXAMINATION during the 12-month enrollment period.        

     These discounts will stay in effect for the term of enrollment.  The prices for all services are subject to change, although any adjustments will be uniform in nature.  Coupons and specials are discounts off of regular prices and will not be added to existing plan discounts, however the greater of the two discounts will apply.

 UNLIMITED NAIL TRIMS AT NO CHARGE  (Technician performed, uncomplicated)
 FREE  BATH WITH ANY BOARDING  (2 days minimum)


Services that are not available at OMABH.

Vaccinations, heartworm testing and heartworm prevention are limited to discounts only when they are due during the calendar year.

The services of a specialist who is called in to examine or conduct a procedure in the hospital.

 Referrals to an outside specialist.  The use of a specialist in veterinary medicine is common and their services are not covered under the plan.

It is understood that some veterinary services may not be available at the hospital at all times.

Although the hospital does provide emergency services there are times when the doctor is unavailable


If surgical complications or irregularities occur, you may be charged for them.  These include, but are not limited to anesthetic complications, cryptorchidism, pregnancy and heat.  They are not included, but are discounted.

Only one complete set of vaccinations can be given in one calendar year.

The plan only covers services offered at the OMABH.  Referral to specialists is outside the plan.  Plan discounts cant be combined with any other discounts/specials.

Plan is for 12 months and is non-refundable and non-transferable,.  Commitment is for 12 monthly payments.  Renewal of the plan under our continuation of coverage is automatic and requires your authorization.  The plan will terminate unless authorization for transfer to the adult program is authorized.


     Patients can be enrolled in the program at any time with the approval of the doctor.  Patients who have obvious problems of an immediate nature will not be enrolled in the plan until their problems are stabilized and the doctor approves enrollment.  Each patient must be examined prior to enrollment in the plan.  The plan must be paid for in full before taking effect.  During the period covered by the plan all invoices must be paid promptly at the time of discharge.  No extended billing is possible.  If the patient is discharged with an open bill or has a check returned for insufficient funds then no more services will be available until the account is brought up to date.   If an account is sent to collections then all services and products will be billed at full price.  The responsible party agrees to pay for any collection expenses. 

The plan fee is non-refundable, non- transferable and non cancelable once it has begun.  

Renewal is guaranteed (When payment is made timely)

     Renewal fees must be authorized before the plan expires or renewal is declined.  We send three monthly reminder notices prior to expiration.  .

There is no limit to the amount that can be saved with this plan

Cost of Plan  

Discounted if paid for at signing

12 months no interest payments available on approval by care credit

Call office for details


Adult Plan Comparison Chart
Dental Plan Upgrade

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